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The BEST Diet Plan EVER

After years of yo-yo dieting, starts and stops, weight loss and regain - it is time to unlearn what you have learned and believed so fervently.

You can change for good if you use the correct tools.

The weight loss methods that you have followed based on desperation, frustration and self-loathing, following protocols of deprivation and restriction, mentally beating yourself up for a "wrong" food choices or for not losing weight fast enough need to end if you will ever find happiness.

Take the time to go through the learning process of what your eating style is, how to utilize stress reduction techniques, how to balance your meals and your hormones and allow yourself to get off the diet roller coaster.

There is a better way. Finding your blueprint is the key.
It is a process, not a protocol. It is not some magical diet that your friend tried, or eliminating food items or food groups because you believe that it makes you fat.

In life you need either inspiration or desperation.

-Tony Robbins

Often, I see people take measures for change when they are in great pain. This could be attempting another diet plan or exercise plan, taking an additional, well marketed fat loss product or generally just repeating the failure cycle that has plagued them for years.

Step back from your point of view, view your actions from a higher point. When you are motivated, you have an opportunity for true change IF you choose different methods. Minimally, you should be enrolled in a training and education program to give you the tools you will need to be successful when your motivation fades (which will be soon). Motivation does not last, commitment does.

Methods do not last if they are not founded on solid principles.

For methods, there are many, but, principals only few. -Robert

In my experience, the successful "losers" are the ones that become inspired by the person that they can become., not desperate with the person that they are.

I believe that the best nutrition plan is the one the person can own, love, live with and stick to.

The nutrition plan needs to be suited to person’s individual metabolism (how much energy they burn), their specific goal (weight loss, fat loss, athletic performance, psychological sensitivities (past successes and failures) and personal preferences (what you will and will not eat, for now).

In essence, there is no one perfect diet and for every approach that exists you will find people who not only do well, but thrive on it. You will also find people that fail miserably with the same approach. You will also find people that fail with a method then are successful with that same method (mindset, motivation, commitment).

Be detective and find out what is the best plan for you.
NEVER stop learning to continually improve.

Your "kickstart" method can also kick you when you stop.

Think back - Have you ever been really motivated to change. Like REALLY geared up to go? What approach did you take to alter your routine? Did you take a strategic, step by step approach or attempt to do everything at once and do it perfectly?

How did your approach work out? Did you struggle with keeping every new "resolution" or were you simply focused on mastering a few changes, having success and then adding new challenges?

One method will bring you long-term success and the other will keep you in a viscous start & stop cycle.

Learn the tools and skills needed for true change WHILE you are motivated. This is the best time to get an education. While you are motivated and have not gotten "stuck" yet. So when the inevitable struggle happens you can rebound quicker and better.

Do your "motivation thing" but use the time to put the pieces in place for learning.

No one want to lose weight and then gain it back. Your success will be based on the questions that you ask yourself.

Here are a few questions to guide your changes -

  1. In reality, is what I am doing sustainable?
  2. What specifically am I trying to achieve? To become?
  3. What are my expectations?
  4. What am I actually willing to do to experience long-term results?

90 Days to a New You -


There is this idea in the dieting world that somewhere "out there" exists a plan that really works and delivers consistent, linear results in line with the effort the person puts in. The truth is, no such plan exists. Body change is a process of discovery. It is not a protocol that is followed. It progresses and then plateaus. Your progress will have its ups and downs. You will confront periods of frustrating stagnation followed by accelerated progress and then halted momentum. And guess what? It has nothing to do with your level of comfort or considerations. If you want it, you have to be willing to learn the tools and how to utilize them correctly in the long run. It is a journey, not a destination and the single biggest determinant of success will be your ability to repeatedly rise when you get knocked down and then move forward having learned the lesson. Success will come to you by following this week by week guide and by practicing patience. '90 Days' expands your mental and physical toolbox to bring you your ultimate success.


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