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The best deals for Chicago Restaurant Week 2014

Naha. Bracelet by Best Design of Chicago.
Naha. Bracelet by Best Design of Chicago.
D Boehm

Restaurant Week Chicago is here again. With a little research and some time spent going over the menus this can be a great event. You do have to be careful. Some restaurants offer different and often cheaper fare than they normally include on their menus. Other offerings are not very expensive to start with, making the Restaurant Week Chicago menus not much of a deal. But there are several high-end, even Michelin starred, restaurants participating. If you choose the right place you can experience fine dining for as little as $22. There are 286 participating restaurants so I thought I would narrow down the search for readers by listing some of what I think are the best deals. I of course waited until I had already made all of my reservations on

Sepia Dining Room

Naha- A Michelin stared restaurant, takes Restaurant Week Chicago very seriously. You will not get many chances to eat lunch at a Michelin stared restaurant for $22. Dinners are the higher priced $44 but considering that their least expensive entrée is normally $38 it is still a great deal. They also offer reduced priced wines.

Capital Grill- Chicago is home to more great steakhouses than any other city in the world. Capital Grill may not standout above the rest but it certainly holds its own. Steaks alone cost upwards of $30 at most Chicago steakhouses. At Capital Grill you will get the steak, a soup or salad, sides and dessert for $33.

Roy’s- A new comer to Restaurant Week Chicago. There is a choice of 4 entrees. The Thai Style Crab Dynamite Crusted Mahi Mahi normally costs $31 so you are getting an appetizer and dessert for a mere $2. There is also a chicken and beef option for the non-seafood lover.

Mercadito- Their lunch offering could be the biggest bargain of the event. For $22 each, two people get around $70 worth of tasty and inventive Mexican food. If you go with more people it is not nearly as good of a bargain.

Sepia- Another chance to eat lunch at a Michelin starred restaurant for $22. The choices are limited so check the menu to make sure they offer something you will like.

Gt Fish & Oyster- A great lunch deal if you like lobster. Their lobster roll is normally $28. So in effect they are paying you $6 to eat either clam chowder or a seared tuna salad and a dessert. The dinner menu adds a 4th course but is double the price at $44.

Cafe des Architectes- A sophisticated place to spend an afternoon having lunch. The options are limited but you will get about $50 worth of food for $22.

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