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The best crop top styles of summer 2014

Get cropped
Get cropped
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It might be tough to narrow down all of the hottest styles and trends this summer, we've seen so much! From flower headbands, gladiator sandals, nail designs, men's loafers, tights, tights, and more tights, colorful sneakers, and sunglasses with a hint of cat eye, plus more! This summer of 2014 has been one to experience and show off your personal style. Whether you were like me and tried to revamp an old shirt or dress, colored your hair, maybe even cut it, purchased more active wear, cleaned your closet, this summer possibly brought upon a new sense of your own style.

This week I will highlight the best summer styles of 2014! Today the focus is on crop tops. I myself do not own one but I saw lots of them this summer, some tasteful and some not. But it's all about good tastes! Girls of all sizes and shapes got "cropped" and bared a little skin, paring up the looks with shorts, jeans, skirts and tights. As a snug fit crop tops aim to cling comfortably to the skin or flare out above the midriff. I discovered a variety of stylish crop tops at Forever21 ranging between $3-$20! The great thing about any crop top is that even as we transition soon to the fall season crop tops can still be worn with a light weight cardigan or button-down shirt.

Check out these styles found at Forever21, where orders $21 or more give you free shipping! Or shop at a store near you, here in Philadelphia the closest would be King of Prussia Mall. Ready, set, get cropped!

What is your favorite style to wear during summer?