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The best bridesmaid gifts


                   photo by Kate Uhry Photography

The best gifts, as we all know come from the heart. They are as unique and individual as the receiver, and usually special because they came from someone we love. When it comes to gifts for your bridesmaid, it should be no different. There are wonderful handmade, and monogrammed gifts that can be as singular as the person who is receiving them. There are tons of websites out there with monogrammed bathrobes, which are very trendy now, and jewelry, but why not think outside of the box, and find something really special. Shopping locally and/or buying sustainable products that are handmade are not only good for the earth, but are more unique. Following are some great ideas of where to shop--shops that are both local, and eco- friendly.

For eco-friendly gifts check out Homeward Bound at Blueback Square, in West Hartford. They describe the store as, “a lifestyle store, bringing trend-setting natural, organic and socially responsible products into your home. Whether it is furniture made from sustainable and organic materials or all natural skin care products, Homeward Bound thinks green through its unique merchandise mix.” You will find beautiful handmade candles, clothing and beauty products (including Red Flower).

While at Blueback Square you can also visit some of the other shops. Per Se (860-232-3381), an Aveda salon has gift certificates available. You can slip one into a tiny clutch for all your girls. Le Perla Fine Jewelers has a beautiful selection of jewelry for all the maids; think about a locket, or a simple strand of pearls (always a classic).

For a truly unique gift, you can visit , where you will find thousands of vendors selling handmade jewelry, knits, bags, purses, etc...all in one place!

Another wonderful handmade idea is Eclu Style, where you can have clutches, and totes, all made for your bridesmaids. To view some of their gorgeous products visit on-line, or email Jami will even customize bags just for your bridesmaids to match your color scheme.

For more info: Blueback Square


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