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The best birth videos you aren't watching

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The best birth videos you aren't watching are not on TLC and may not be shown in childbirth classes either. If you are wondering if birth is what it looks like on TV and in the movies, you are right to ask. The images projected by popular media are troubling. Everything is happening so quickly. It looks and sounds like an emergency.

You are planning for your birth but may want to know what it will look like -  if it doesn't look like a character from Everybody Loves Raymond is giving birth in a hurry. A brief YouTube search may be all you need to set the record straight. Real birth looks and sounds many different ways. It is often quieter and slower than what we see in the movies.

Many women and some practitioners post their childbirth videos on the web as a service to expectant moms. In many cultures by the time women are becoming mothers they have seen many births of the women in their family and community. In our culture it would be very unusual for a first time mother to have been at even one birth before her own, unless she were a medical professional herself. You Tube can change that for the coming generation of mothers. A better birth culture is possible.

If you are pregnant, turn off A Baby Story from TLC this week and spend fifteen minutes on You Tube using "natural childbirth" as your search term.  If you find any gems, share them here for other expectant parents.


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