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The best anti-aging skin care routine

An anti-aging skin care routine can help fight premature skin damage.

Skin aging is a natural phenomenon but it surely doesn’t mean we have to like or accept it. Prevention is one way to fight off both intrinsic and extrinsic skin changes.

And above all, having the right skin care products in the arsenal is a giant stride toward healthier and younger looking skin.

Skin Care Heaven, an e-commerce store and skin research hub based in San Diego offers their knowledge and advice on skin aging.

“Intrinsic skin aging is something that happens from within our bodies,” said the spokesperson from Skin Care Heaven. “A loss in collagen and elasticity is what changes our skin’s appearance.”

These changes include:

  • Wrinkles
  • Saggy and crepe skin under the eyes
  • Age spots
  • Dryer and thinner skin

“On the other side of the spectrum, extrinsic outside factors toward skin aging is generally due to over sun exposure, repeated facial expressions, and even gravity,” she said. The spokesperson continued, “The sun is one of the leading reasons for premature skin aging.”

Great anti-aging skin care steps include implementing the following:

Teaming up with a skin care professional can be very beneficial. While some of the above daily steps may be new, in no time at all, they will become second nature. These lifestyle changes will help protect skin from premature aging and slow down the natural skin aging process.

“The anti-aging skin care road is paved with a daily commitment but it will reap fantastic rewards,” she said.

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