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The Best and Worst of the Nightmare on Elm Street Series: Parts 1-2



  • handsome mel 6 years ago

    bwahahaha1! "help yourself, effers!" of course...also, Grady..oh, Grady, you're not really 2pac and Elvis, you're still alive, just biding your time, waiting for the perfect moment to come back into the world of "you've got the body, I've got the brain"-ish lulz. Come to think of it, Grady, you should chill for a few more years. (freddy skunt 4everz)

  • Greg Loob Danis 6 years ago

    Vaughn Wamsley aint got crap on C(u)nt Whitley

  • handsome mel 6 years ago

    oh yea, also, rafiel "dirty" sanchez helped me fight krueger in a lawsuit involving nascar, lay's classic chips, and robby's b-day party. thanks channel five!

  • slicker 6 years ago

    The first Nightmare was one of the best EVER.

  • slut4freddy 6 years ago

    some people see freddy in their dreams, i see him next to me in bed when i wake up.

  • Rainen 6 years ago

    The movies are classice, but the first one was the very best. I can't wait to see the new Freddy.

  • Enaid 6 years ago

    Most of the new horror movies pale to the older classic ones. I hope this new Nightmare isn't going to be a disappointment as some of the other remakes have been.

  • Whitey Houston 6 years ago

    The first one was a good movie. dream warriors was alright. The rest of them stunk.

  • donghammer 6 years ago

    post the other 2 reviews right now you slimy little worm

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