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The best and worst gadgets and items to buy in April

The best and worst buys in gadgets and tech for April
The best and worst buys in gadgets and tech for April

With winter still rearing its ugly head in some parts of the country and springlike temperatures in others, April is a mixed bag when it comes to weather and shopping for gadgets.

Mother's, Father's, and graduations days are still over a month away, so has stepped up to the plate to give us some advice on what we should buy, or hold off on buying in the month of April.

Best to Buy:

15" Quad-core AMD Systems

These machines have dropped 22% in since January 1 are are in the $300 range. To compare, the cheapest quad-core Intel Haswell system went for twice that price last month. Also to compare, 12" touchscreen laptops go for about $310. With the touchscreen, you get a better Windows 8 experience.

Xbox One Deals

In March the Xbox One dropped as low $399 at one point. That deal didn't last long, but more deals are on the way. Some retailers have been selling it for $450, or 10% off the original price.

Don't Forget Tax Day Deals

April 15 is the day. Be on the lookout for opportunities for such things as a free cup of coffee, free breakfast items, or free side orders or desserts with the purchase of an entrée. Maybe even some deals on apps or gadgets.

Subscribe to Pandora

Pandora is going to end its annual subscription option and increase the monthly rate from $3.99 to $4.99. This takes place in May, but according to and a Pandora blog post, current monthly subscribers will enjoy a $3.99 "loyalty" rate for an undetermined amount of time. New users can also register before May and lock into the rate.


It's April, and that means deals on 60" LCD 1080p HDTVs. Better than any other TV size category. In March, the prices of 60" HDTVs dipped to a new all-time low of $500. That would be about $100 cheaper than deals found in February.

Worst to Buy:

Mother's Day Items

If you need to buy Mom something for Mother's Day, you can start looking now, the better deals on most items like electronics, clothes, and jewelry will be in May.

Vacuum Cleaners

Yes, it's spring cleaning time, but it's not the best time to get that new high tech vacuum. There will be better deals as the year goes on and the good deals really pop up in November.

Happy shopping in April, and let's hope for a nice spring.

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