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The Berkeley Art Museum and Film Archives 44th Annual MFA show

Spring is the time for graduation and when the current group of MFA candidates show their work.

Installation of silk-screened wallpaper with brush and ink portraits of the namesakes of the ten oldest buildings on the UC Berkeley campus
@Helena Keefe. To Know A Place, 2013
The Berkeley Art Museum and Film Archive presents its 2014 MFA candidates
@the artist

For their 44th Annual Master of Fine Arts Graduate Exhibition, the Berkeley Art Museum and Film Archive has an interesting crop of graduating students. Each one is investigating new and exciting artistic venues and many have already had important exhibitions.

Helena Keeffe is the recipient of a Creative Work Fund grant and a site-specific artist. Joey Enos, Berkeley born and raised, creates Rube Goldberg like sculptures with materials such as foam, enamel, polyurethane, wood and caps them with humorous titles. Jason Fritz is an multi-media, "interdisciplinary artist whose work shuttles between performance, installation, and disaster; heavily in conversation with the histories of the queer future and representation through documentation." Vreni Michelini Castillo is a musician, a teacher, a painter and a creator of instillations.

Jessica Hankey’s ongoing project "Women’s Club" engages a hundred-year-old women’s organization in Los Angeles, CA as a site of production for varied activities that include public events, photography, and video. Founded in 1904, this club flourished in its early days as an instrument to expand women’s role in civil society but is today searching for its purpose. Hankey has been a member since 2009 and served on its board of directors in multiple capacities. Elizabeth Keegan is a game artist investigating the power of games. Her work, that is her art practice, investigates those human relationships which manifest around gaming. It is in the act of play that we become performers; adopting cultural references in our construction of new meaning.

The San Francisco Art Institute's graduation celebrations for BFA, BA, MFA, MA, and Dual Degree MA/MFA artists will be held on their historic Chestnut Street campus. The reception will be on May 15th from 5 to 7 p.m. There will be a second reception featuring performances, film and video screening on Saturday, May 17.

Other news of the day involved our local Academy of Art and it's numerous code violations. According to this article from the SF Examiner, the city may finally be cracking down on them. While the school is at fault in many ways, one can hope this does not impact their students' graduation ceremonies.

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