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The Benefits of Walk in Shower

Walk in Showers
American Walk in Tubs

The relaxing feel that a morning shower gives is incomparable. To end a day with a good mobility shower too, can put off all worries and distress. However, for a person with restricted mobility this may seem like a luxury. There is always a risk of stepping over the ledges or worse, not being able to manoeuvre oneself inside the tub. The slippery tiles too are quite risky esp. for the older people who have to be extra careful with their movements.

With the advent of the walk in showers, there is no need to worry. These showers provide a permanent solution to the above mentioned problems and are specially designed to remove the threat of accidents.

Other than being a safe option, it also provides several benefits. Some of these are mentioned below.

  • Flexibility- These showers can cater to your specific needs. The traditional off the shelf shower does not provide full satisfaction to people having mobility problems and other health issues. On the other hand, a good manufacturer can easily provide a custom solution to your needs. If you need a shower tray or want a level or wet floor, you can easily get that. You can also ask for right or left entry and half panel or full panel doors. If you do not want doors at all yours can be similarly customized. Seats are also available for the convenience of elderly people or disabled people.
  • Durability- Most of the manufacturers use ceramic tiles in the enclosure of these showers. The ceramics are long lasting materials which can withstand the wear and tear, besides the pressure of the water for many long years. Thus once installed, it continues to be in good shape and in proper working condition for a long time proving durability.
  • Less Maintenance- The off the shelf traditional showers becomes a complete nightmare when it comes to cleaning. With the nooks and crannies hardly within one’s reach, the areas remain unclean. Cleaning the walk in variety becomes much easier as it is spacious and does not have curves for the water to get trapped in.
  • Environment friendly- Studies show that an average eight minute shower in walk in shower consumes approximately 62 litres of hot water, whereas the traditional ones take 80 litres. This saves water, is very environment – friendly and also keeps a check on your wallet.
  • Luxurious- The design of these showers are quite appealing as well as elegant. They can give you a contemporary or a sleek modern feel exactly the way you wish. Also the showers which are entirely made of glass make the bathroom seem larger and brighter. Frosted glasses are also a good idea if you want a more sophisticated look.
  • Space saving- As these showers are not like conventional tubs, it requires lesser space. This lets you utilize the remaining space and add other items or decorate it the way you want.

So whether you are old or young these showers perfectly fulfill your bathroom requirements. It gives you not only a wonderful but also safer bathing experience.

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