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The benefits of using Google Drive for business collaboration

Sharing ideas is the first step among team members when creating strategies and collaborating in business.

Google Drive allows users to sync between computers, tablets, and mobile devices. It is an easy way to share Word documents, Power Points, and a limited number of images. The ability to edit and add comments in real time makes it easy for multiple parties to look at a document and give input.

How it Works

Log into using an existing account or easily create one. The red create button in the upper left hand corner allows folders and various documents to be created like a Word-type document, a Power Point-style doc, a spreadsheet, a form, and a drawing.

Documents can also be uploaded from a hard drive and shared within Google Drive.

The share button in the upper right hand corner makes adding specific individuals an easy task and there is room to create a personalized message.

The first 15GB of storage is free across Google Drive, Gmail, and Google+ Photos for uploading files. There is no storage limit for files created within the cloud-based drive.

Case Study

A marketing company hired me to write content for hotels and during an overnight site visit, I uploaded images and content to Google Drive. The images allowed the design team to get accurate visuals while I was on tour and an editor commented on the text.

It was bulky uploading many high res images so this function was limited. The editing process allowed us to quickly create a substantial document without searching emails and using the comment function in Word.

The application is effective for team members who are geographically distant or for vendors who need to share ideas quickly with others.

Security Issues

Companies like Cloudlock can secure files uploaded and created within Google Drive. After potential exposures are identified, a series of permissions can be added for security purposes.

Click here for an overview of the application.

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