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The benefits of quality food

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There is a theory that much of what is wrong with the diets of many people is related to the balance of quality over quantity. In the modern world there is a great quantity of food. There is also epidemic levels of obesity. Poor food choices are easy and readily available, and often cheap. Better food choices usually take some effort and planning and are often associated with a higher cost.

One way of framing a solution to the problem is to look longer term at the real costs of cheap poor choices in food. Poor choices in food contributes to obesity and long term health problems which have a cost on lifespan as well as the quality of life. Thinking long term can help a person make better choices in the short term, and save money in the long term through lower medical and lifestyle related costs.

There is also a lot of anecdotal evidence that for many people when they have a craving for food, and often a specific food, the craving is satisfied faster with a better quality of food. A classic example is many people find that when they crave chocolate they can satisfy that craving with a small piece of extra dark chocolate. That same person often has had the experience of not being satisfied after eating a whole bag of cheap milk chocolate candies. Cheese is another example. A small piece of well made artisan cheese will often satisfy a person more than a pile of inexpensive less flavorful cheese.

Medicinal herbs are essentially extreme foods. In Chinese herbal medicine, flavor is the defining characteristic that identifies the medicinal power of a herb. When using herbs as medicine the intensity of the flavor is more important than the quantity of the herb. Herbs are often graded and prized based on the intensity of the flavor. Quality foods also tend to have better flavor due to better ingredients and a focus on limiting the affects of processing on the quality of the food.

Eating quality food alone is not going to solve the obesity problem. However, food should be enjoyed, and for those who are trying to eat better, it can be helpful to focus on quality foods. High quality foods may seem like a luxury, but they can encourage a lower consumption due to the cost. They can also increase the enjoyment of food and encourage a healthier relationship with food and life in general.



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