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The Benefits of Pilates for Golf

Golf is a game of mixed mental and physical capabilities that requires well balanced training and conditioning of the two states.

Mental condition requires physically playing the game to hone and develop the strategic fundamentals and set ups needed to play a successful game. While increasing flight behind the stroke and flight of the ball requires physical conditioning often found in traditional weight training and is now being accompanied by Pilates.

Pilates exercise focuses on core strength and stability of the deep abdominal muscles while providing the same strength and stability to muscles of the extremities. Golf by its very nature is an activity that utilizes muscles of the core from beginning to end. If you look at the golf swing you will notice rotation through the knees, hips, core (especially the obliques), and shoulders. While proper strength training will help with power, Pilates is effective in helping to increase hip stability, strengthening of the deep abdominal muscles and muscles of the upper mid-back. Utilizing the core training found in Pilates, golfers have experienced some of the following benefits to their game.

  • Increased flexibility, stability, strength and balance especially in the hips, upper back, and shoulders.
  • Increased rotation through the hips resulting in a more powerful swing and follow through.
  • Increased drive, power and strength due to upper back strength and fuller hip rotation.
  • Enhanced concentration and focus on proper body alignment and movement resulting in the focused mind/body technique used in Pilates exercises.

So for complete focus (mental and physical), stronger, more stabilized core and extremity muscles, increased flexibility, improved posture and stamina, add Pilates to enhance your golf training program you’ll be glad you did.

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