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The benefits of hugging in your relationship

There are many aspects to a relationship - dating, kissing, spending time together, having sex, and many others. But hugging is probably one you don't think about too often. Do you have scheduled hug time with your partner? Do you hug every time you see each other? Probably not. You may hug every now and then, but even then it's probably not a long, lingering hug. You may be missing out on one simple ingredient that could really enhance the connection between you and your significant other.

Hugging can really improve the connection between you and your s/o.
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Downy created the #HugMore video to remind people of the importance of hugs. The overall idea behind the video is that if someone uses Downy fabric softener, their clothes will smell amazing and it will make you want to hug them (the long, lingering kind). But the video is not a typical commercial. It truly explores how powerful hugs can be in your relationship with someone, whether it's a friend, sibling or spouse.

"Well we hope that the hug more video reminds our fast-paced society about the powerful benefits of a meaningful hug. Watching these inspiring couples from the hug more video was a great reminder of how important a simple warm embrace can be in our lives." - Downy #HugMore campaign narrator Lisa Haisha

But it's not just enough to hug. This is more about a long hug that you can feel. It's about expressing how you feel about that person in a way you can't express with words. When you really hug someone for more than a quick second you can feel the connection you have with that person. Think about a time when a hug meant a lot to you. Think about how that hug made you feel. It's pretty amazing how a hug can heal wounds, lift your mood, and improve your relationship. There's just something about that physical touch.

"Well it’s said that hugs usually mean more than just a hug. They are how humans have built bridges, intimately connected with others since the beginning of time. Yet studies have shown that our touch-hesitant society may not be hugging long enough to realize the full emotional benefits of a long embrace. The most enjoyable hugs should linger for about 20 seconds, the amount of time it takes for the bonding chemical oxytocin to be released" - Haisha

So think about adding hugging to your relationship. Notice random opportunities for a meaningful hug in your relationship. When things are going well, when you can tell your partner is having a rough day, when you're partner's going through a difficult time, or just because and out of the blue.

"Hugging has many benefits. Hugs are, not only there to make you feel connected to someone, but they can reduce stress, they can fight fatigue, ease depression, and it really makes your life so much better. You see the world with a different lense. When you’re hugged you feel loved and when you feel loved, that explodes into your world and everyone around you is affected by it and it’s like the domino effect." - Haisha

The video has already had a pretty significant impact with over 4 million views, 650 likes, and 80 comments on Youtube. Share the video with someone you know and love and make sure to give someone a 20 second hug today!

Be sure to follow Downy on Twitter @Downy and join the conversation by using #HugMore.

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(This is not a paid endorsement for Downy or Downy products.)

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