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The Benefits of Having an Open Relationship

The Benefits of an Open Relationship
The Benefits of an Open Relationship

More and more people nowadays are choosing to have open relationships. This means in simple terms, being sexually and/or emotionally involved with more than one person. It is not the same as "cheating" because the two (or more) people that you are involved with, will know about each other and are usually happy about the arrangement. Open relationships are sometimes referred to as 'polyamorous', it actually involves a lot of honesty and openness with each other and it has many benefits.

An open relationship can be purely about sex or it can be more like having a committed relationship, only with more than one person. As long as there are a set of rules drawn up and agreed upon with all parties, then there are usually no issues. Having an open relationship is no longer frowned upon, at least not as much as it used to be so if you decide that this way of life is for you, then go for it.

The benefits of an open marriage/relationship

By having more than one partner, you are more likely to have your needs met in all areas. Perhaps one partner is more sexual and the other is there for you in other ways. You always have an option and somewhere to turn depending on your mood and what you feel like.

Usually an open relationship is more fun and you will be less likely to suffer all the negatives that are usually experienced in a monogamous relationship like somebody in the coupling being too dependent on the other.

By having more than one "special person" in your life, you have a back up option if something goes wrong with one of them. If you are arguing with one of the ladies in your life for example and decide to break up, you have the other one to fall back on. It's then up to you whether you want to go in search of another partner of if you want it to be just the two of you for a short while.

Why being with one person is overrated

If you are new to being in an open relationship, then it will take some adjustment but it's important to keep in mind that a monogamous relationship has many negative points that you are probably not taking into account.

Spending time with one person constantly can be awfully boring, conversation can become stilted and a sex life can dwindle to almost nothing. When in an open relationship this is usually not the case because every person in the relationship is constantly making an effort, in an attempt to become the leader lady (or man).

There are so many questions and rules in a monogamous relationship and the couple can get very possessive over one another. This is not the case in open relationships which usually makes for less arguments. The people involved are usually much more laid back with one another and the activities that are taking place. Being with more than one person can often make for a much happier and healthier partnership. Some couples in an open relationship or hoping to enter one utilize free adult dating sites like SwingLifeStyle. In closing, it's not about what society says what is appropriate but what feel right between you and your partner.