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The benefits of having a pig as a pet

The Benefits of Having a Pig as a Pet
The Benefits of Having a Pig as a Pet
Photo taken by Christine

While many people do not think of a pig when choosing their new pet, there are actually many benefits to owning a pet pig that you can’t find with most other pets. Many people are impressed with the intelligence and personality that pigs have. Believe it or not potbellied pigs can actually make great pets when you have the time to put into their care and training. Pigs are easily trained, curious, clean and quiet pets that many people overlook. Let’s take a look at the many great benefits to having a potbellied pig as a pet.

Intelligent – Potbellied pigs are actually quite intelligent animals which make them very easy to train. Pigs have intelligence about the same level as a dog which means that they can be house trained; leash trained and may even be able to learn some tricks. However, just as an intelligent dog can become bored if not stimulated this is true with a potbellied pig as well. It is important that you provide them with the stimulation they need or they can become destructive when bored.

Long Lifespan – One of the benefits to owning a potbellied pig as your pet is that they live a long and full life. Most potbellied pigs when properly card for will live on average of 12-18 years. Some potbellied pigs can even life as long as 20 years. While potbellied pigs are considered a miniature pig, they still become quite large with the average potbellied pig weighing in at around 120 pounds. This means that you must be ready to feed a hungry pig for up to 20 years; consider this before making the commitment to make one part of your family.

Affectionate – Pot Bellied pigs are very affectionate pets that are quite loyal to their owners. Pigs have a language all of their own and you will come to recognize the many different noises that your pet pig makes. Like dogs, pigs bark to alert of danger or to greet you when you come home. Pigs also make a variety of other sounds as well such as coughing when angry or squealing when excited or happy.