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"The Benefits Of Exercises That Take Your Body Through Space"

" The Benefits Of Exercises That Take Your Body Through Space"

By Leo Costa and Joe Breen C.F.T.

While many people who get into workout programs, believe that they have to master numerous machines, several pieces of exercise equipment and impossibles diet plans in order to reach their goals. In the end what happens is they become overwhelmed by it all and give up. What we have found is to best and most automatic way is to train smarter not harder. At our company, we don't seek to reinvent the wheel just make it more efficent.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran anyone can benefit from our" Body Through Space Program. The exercises you will learn are tried and true and have tested through the trenches. You will be focusing on the basics. While machines may look great, and we are saying is nothing beats these basic movements. But how do you rate exercises to know what is most effective ? There is a way it's called Neuro Muscular Activation or NMA for short. What this means is the more you choose exercises that move your body through space, the more you stimulate your nervous system which in turn, stimulates muscle building hormones.

Now I hear what you are saying I don't want to be a bodybuilder. That's okay, it takes years to get to that level ,and elite genetics. Trust me if they were a program that would make you a world class bodybuilder in 8 weeks, we would have discovered as we have both competed at national level events. But what the muscle you will gain will speed mup your metabolism and thus help you to look lean and ready for beach season. For information on this program go to

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