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The benefits of being a one car family

There are many benefits to being a one car family.
There are many benefits to being a one car family.

Recently my husband and I decided to cut some costs and see how we could function with one vehicle. At first, I thought I would go insane. After my husband left for work in the morning I stared longingly out the window and felt an unmistakable suffocating sensation. I grudgingly gathered the children, bundled them up against the brisk Michigan fall and we walked the few blocks to my daughter's school. I could not do my errands, go shopping or meet my friends for coffee. I was not happy. After a few weeks, however, I realized there were quite a few benefits to having one car, the most important being how much more exercise everyone was getting.

1. Having to walk everywhere means more exercise for the kids and me. My son takes a nice, long nap after his trek to and from school. Whenever I need to visit the local post office or market, I pack the little one in his jogging stroller. We walk or run there and I get a great workout.

2. Our car insurance cost has been cut in half. I get a warm, fuzzy feeling inside whenever I look over our bill.

3. We have one less car to get fixed, give oil changes and put gas in. This really works well for our finances.

4. I'm sure we’ve drastically cut our carbon emissions. The environmental impact of not driving my husband's old Jeep Wrangler has got to be significant.

Fortunately this situation will be short-lived; we'll need another vehicle next year when my son goes to a preschool that’s over five miles away. So we'll be buying a new car, and we'll once again be able to conveniently drive the couple blocks to school and fill our days with errands and play dates. Life will get much easier but also much lazier; we may need to join a gym!