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The Benefits of a Simple T-shirt

A simple white t-shirt has so many wonderful benefits that don't start and end with wearing it. A white t-shirt has many uses when it can't be worn anymore and it can also help you save money on your heating bill. Most of the time a simple t-shirt can be bought in multi-packs for a low price at just about any store.

Plain white t-shirts are so very easy to care for and are easy to wash. If a stain happens on them, there is the possibility you can tie-dye the shirt to make the stain blend in. Or take care of the stain with bleach, and your shirt will come out whiter than before. If the shirt is too far gone, it can be reused as a rag for messy clean ups around the house.

Multiple packs of the white t-shirts are usually found in the men's clothing departments for an inexpensive price. Some guys like to wear them as undershirts, which is a green and frugal idea. Wearing multiple layers underneath clothing helps to trap air which helps to keep you warmer on cooler nights. This enables the wearer to reduce the temperature in the house and this in turn saves money on the monthly heating bill.

When it comes to simple plain t-shirts I have crossed the gender line when buying them. With a men's shirt, you do get more shirt for the money. Men's shirts are also cut different than a woman's t-shirt which makes them baggier which makes them more comfortable to sleep in.

The uses for an old t-shirt are almost never ending. A friend of mine took a an old t-shirt, tie-dyed it and then cut it up and used the fabric as a book cover for a college textbook. You don't even have to use tie-dye either, colorful sharpies can also be used to 'paint' the shirt. Another example of creative reusing was spotted when I was walking through a parking lot, I noticed that inside a car someone had reused their old t-shirts as car seat covers.

A t-shirt can also be used as an impromptu pillow case or put a few knots in it and you have an instant bag. Since many t-shirts are made of cotton which is a very absorbent material, a t-shirt can also do double duty as a small towel. I've heard that cotton t-shirts don't make good hiking wear because they do absorb moisture, but hold on to it. This wicks heat away from the body don't do anything to keep you warm. That doesn't work in a hiker's favor if they get lost and spend the night out in the cold with wet clothes. However, a cotton t-shirt is my go-to-shirt when the temperature gets too hot simply because they do keep me cool.

Those are just a few of the many uses a simple t-shirt can give you. Toss one in your car, in your locker, or in your emergency bag in case you need it someday. Multiple packs of t-shirts can be bought for under five dollars at various stores, or even less if you get them on sale.

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