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The Benderz new lineup rocks the East Coast

From left to right: Noa Spott, Steve Turner, Agelique Buckley, Tim Duncan, Baldwin Bonilla Jr.
From left to right: Noa Spott, Steve Turner, Agelique Buckley, Tim Duncan, Baldwin Bonilla Jr.
Anderson Entertainment

Local Philly band The Benderz is making a name for themselves as they consistently pack out shows from New York to Key West. A new lineup of old and new members has brought hype around the band to an all time high, which is impressive considering its ten year history.

clockwise from top-left: Steve Turner, Angelique Buckley, Baldwin Bonilla Jr., Tim Duncan, and Noa Spott.
Anderson Entertainment

The hardcore pop/rock vocals of Angelique Buckley has been a signature of the new Benderz sound since September of 2012. Having already rocked professional bands like Joe Bachman & Crew for years, Angelique entered the band ready to hit the road…. Though nothing could have prepared her for a live on-stage proposal at a 3,000-plus show in Ocean City, Maryland last month.

Lead guitarist Steve Turner, aka DTeve, is a self-proclaimed “animal lover, atheist, libertarian, gun enthusiast, pacifist, fox-whisperer, and total asshole.” Despite this inviting description, the Examiner is pleased to report he is also an all-around great guy and an exceptionally talented guitar player. (He is also terribly interesting to stalk on Twitter- not that we’ve done that.) The chemistry between Angelique and Steve explodes on-stage as they trade the spotlight between guitar solos and heart pumping choruses.

The only thing that moves faster than Tim Duncan’s bass notes is his hair. The beautiful bouncing afro has become a staple of Benderz performances. Duncan and his hair joined the band in early January, immediately vibing with the rest of the crew. His rhythmic and ground shaking bass lines always seem to fall in synch perfectly with the drum stylings of Baldwin Bonilla Jr.

Though the Examiner loves the impeccable drumming of the always-awesomely-dressed Baldwin, it would be wrong to say that this is his most famous skill. Not only does the boy have 90’s boy-band good looks and perfect hair, but he is also rumored to have dance moves that could put Beyonce to shame.

The newest addition to the Benderz team is Noa Spott . Hailing all the way from the small town of Scranton, PA he is disappointingly not a former Office employee. He does, however, play guitar and some killer keys. His playing fills out the band perfectly and finally completes the new lineup. Though Noa is one of the more quiet of the group, his hard-kept secret is not hard to identify. He is actually James Franco.

Angelique, Steve, Tim, Baldwin, and Noa of the Benderz are on fire, on the road, and ready to rock your city. Don’t miss their next show by checking out their tour schedule on their website: You can also like them on Facebook ( and follow them on Twitter (@TheBenderzBand). For information on booking the band, contact Frank Annunziata of Anderson Entertainment at