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The Bender podcast - RIP Neversoft, GameX, Radical, and Blockbuster Video


What? Just listened to The Bender the other day? That was old news! This is the new ish yo. We have for you Intern Elissa joining once again, some random X10 news spread throughout the cast, some Bioshock 2 thoughts from Richard, some Mass Effect 2 thoughts from James, and Mike drinking his usual hatorade. Enjoy!

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Show Notes | Topics | Related Links

Blockbuster Video sucks

Bioshock 2, Richard reviews

GameX is no more :(


-Neversoft Lays Off Much of Their Staff as Activision Rips Guitar Hero Away From Them

-Radical Entertainment Also Cuts 90+

-Final Fantasy XIII In 3D?!

-NBA Celebrity Game… Sponsored by Final Fantasy?!

-Final Fantasy XIII Will Have Special Edition Xbox 360 Deal

-Splinter Cell also gets an exclusive 360

-More Call of Duty Around Christmas

-Alan Wake Release Date Annoucned

-Perfect Dark, Game Room Coming in March

-Dead Rising 2 Comes on August 31st

-Molyneux Promises To P*ss Off Fanbase With Fable III Announcements

-Fable III Coming This Fall

-NES, Five Games For A Paltry $13,105

-Sonic the Hedgehog Fans Petition SEGA For Classic Sonic


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