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The belief of ghosts and other supernatural phenomena in the 21st century

How many people believe in ghosts? How many people believe in other weird things? There are plenty of paranormal shows on TV. So from researching news articles, I have the statistics from people's beliefs in ghosts and other paranormal things.


Huffington Post reported recently in February that 45 percent of people believed there were ghosts roaming about. While in 2005, CBS News did a study, they found that 48 percent of people believed in spirits. 22 percent people have felt or saw a ghost, while 77 percent have not.

Three months ago, Harris Polls revealed that 42 percent of people believe that ghosts are around. Another study last Sept. from the Telegraph tells of results that 52 percent of people living in the U.K. believe in ghosts.


Vanity Fair posted a poll that asked this question, "Which one of the following do you think is the most likely to ACTUALLY EXIST?" Well from the results (which this happened in 2010) 7 percent of people picked the vampire.


Bigfoot is a popular monster that has had a surge of popular shows and documentaries. Live Science posted last year in March that 29 percent of people believed in Bigfoot.

When asked last year in Dec.which people believed in more, ObamaCare or Bigfoot, people picked Bigfoot. It was 14 to 8!

The Loch Ness Monster:

The Baylor Religion Survey's results in 2006 revealed that 18 percent of people believed that Nessie was out there. The study was given to 1,721 people.

2007, Post and Courier, asked in an online poll how many people believed in Nessie, the result was 44 percent.


Last year in Sept. Huffington Post reported that 48 percent of people believed in UFOs. Two years ago, the Post said that according to a poll from the UK site, Opinion Matters, 52 percent people from the U.K. believed in UFOs.

So that's a lot of information to digest, but it's interesting to see some sort of polls on these supernatural subjects.

What do you believe in? Share your thoughts below in the comment area.

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