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The beginning of Reach Garland

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Map of Garland
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When you meet David and Lori Moore, you are immediately at ease. They are gracious and fun people. When they begin to share their story, you are aware of an anointing.

Eight years ago, David and Lori looked like your typical church going people. They were kind, morally upright in their professional lives, and raising two girls. They were active members of their local church; teaching and enjoying community. It was in that place of comfort that they first felt a call toward something larger than themselves.

A local nursing home called the church where they attended and asked if anyone would be willing to come on a Sunday morning to create a worship experience for their residents. When Lori heard the request, she knew that David was up for the task. David, on the other hand, felt inadequate to pastor a church of sick, elderly people. He reluctantly agreed to coming twice a month until someone who was more qualified could be found.

After a few months of what felt like hit or miss successes and failures, David recalls being pulled aside by two of the residents. These women who had walked with the Lord for more than 65 years told him that they sensed a calling on his life to preach. With tender fondness, David remembers being honored and terrified by their encouragement.

Nevertheless, David faithfully accepted the word as one from God and began preaching to this nursing home church once a week. The residents took to waiting in the chapel for an hour before David and Lori arrived because they were too excited to wait in their rooms. Staff from the nursing home began rearranging their duties in order to attend as well. This church came from varied denominational backgrounds and represented many cultural and ethnic groups. They became family.

As this growing flock was fed, David began to feel more and more comfortable in this role of pastor. Soon, a resident facility for Alzheimer’s patients down the street asked David to begin services for their residents as well. Courageous and faithful, David and Lori accepted the challenge and began pastoring two congregations every Sunday morning.

David firmly believed in these senior saint’s powerful prayers. He began to challenge and encourage them to pray for the apartment complex that stretched behind them. As a church, they began to pray for the people of those apartments to be blessed and to come to know the Lord.

Be sure to read tomorrow to hear how the Lord is answering their prayers through Reach Garland.


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