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The Beer Chicks-spreading the good word about craft beer.

The Beer Chicks-Christina Perozzi and Hallie Beaune

I never realized it, but apparently it is a fact. Some people are intimidated when ordering craft beer at a  bar. Craft Beer has gotten, well, more complicated.  Well fear not, there is help on the way in the form of two beer experts called "The Beer Chicks".

The Beer Chicks are "renowned beer sommeliers Christina Perozzi and Hallie Beaune" and they are converting amateur "Light" beer drinkers to Craft Beer Experts one person at a time. These ladies are famous in the craft beer industry. Christina was named Best Beer Sommelier in Los Angeles by Los Angeles Magazine. Hallie was featured on the hit cable foodie show “After Hours with Daniel Boulud” as the resident expert at one of the top beer bars in the area. Both are beer sommeliers and both want to put craft beer in it's rightful place, above wine (OK, at least right next to wine).

Christina and Hallie have written a book called The Naked Pint An Unadulterated Guide to Craft Beer. I got my copy yesterday and can't put it down. My craft beer library is rather extensive and I've read some books several times. But very few books about beer are as engaging as this one is. Most are written by Beer Experts and can get a little dry. This book is filled with humor and everything is written in layman's terms that anyone can understand.  I highly recommend it.  Get your copy today and learn to order beer like a Cicerone!

Guys, don't be intimidated because two girls know more than you do about beer and hey, what's sexier than a ladie that knows all about beer?. And ladies, now is the time put those smart alec guys (who think the American Light Lager they drink is best beer in the world) in their place. Read this book and you will be much more confident in your knowledge of everything "beer".

I'll write more when I'm finished with the book. And look for an interview with The Beer Chicks on my website The ladies have agreed to answer some questions about themselves and about their book and I'm sure their answers will be entertaining and enlightening.

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