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The beauty of quilts


In Colorado, winters can be exceptionally cold and some years, they seem exceptionally long. Warmth has always been a paramount concern and the early settlers solved the problem of bedtime coziness by using quilts, usually constructed from fabric scraps and even flour sacks

Photo courtesy of the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum

DIA - Next Stop Concourse B quilt photo courtesy of the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum

The sacks were printed with flowers and leaves, and after the flour was used, the sacks were washed. Shirts for the men and boys, dresses for the women and girls, and other various household items, including the quilts, were created. Though quilting is not specifically a Colorado craft, our quilts have a flavor that is strictly our own, and examples of quilts of from all over the state may be viewed at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum.

Warmth was only one reason to construct a quilt. Quilts were also constructed for sheer beauty and artistic expression. Currently, the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum is exhibiting 15 Decades of Quilts - 1859 to 2009, April 28 through August 1, 2009. This is a special grouping of quilts honoring the City of Golden’s Sesquicentennial Anniversary in 2009. The quilts share local stories and family histories of Golden.

Freedom Quilt photo courtesy of the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum

The other quilts in the museum should also be viewed, and there are examples of all varieties of quilts, from crazy quilts to Sun Bonnet Sue. It’s enough to make you want to dust off the sewing machine and hurry on down to Denver Fabric to purchase supplies.

Photo courtesy of the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum

For more info: The Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum Galleries and QuiltMarket are located at 1111 Washington Avenue in Golden, Colorado, 80401.  See hours of operation and admission at their website -  Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum


  • Kristy 5 years ago

    There is a great quilt exhibition on the 6th floor textile gallery at the Denver Art Museum as well. The Hopkins Family Quilt in Context has a collection of quilts that tell family and personal stories. Also, the Colorado Statehouse has a collection of quilts on view to the public through the summer.