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The beauty and charm of Florida's Vilano Beach

Vilano Beach is ideal for travelers of all ages
Vilano Beach is ideal for travelers of all ages
Photo by Hong Wu

Each year, hundreds of thousands of vacationers head to Florida to visit the state's beautiful beaches and enjoyable attractions. Located on Florida's eastern coast, St. Augustine is the vacation destination of choice for many families, as it is quaint, charming, and extremely welcoming to visitors and tourists. It is home to several quiet and serene beaches where couples and families can relax and rejuvenate. Enchanting Vilano Beach is located just minutes from St. Augustine's primary business district.

In the late 19th century, Vilano Beach was a favorite vacation destination for the wealthy, as well as a thriving fishing community. Currently, the beautiful beach has much to offer vacationers of all ages. Not only is Vilano a well-maintained and spacious beach, but the waters are tranquil and clean, making it a perfect location for swimming, snorkeling and sunbathing. In addition, Vilano Beach boasts some of the region's freshest seafood, which can be enjoyed in one of the neighborhood's many outdoor restaurants.

Temperatures in the St. Augustine area are typically ideal year-round, making any season perfect for a trip to this area. Many small, family-run hotels and guest cottages can be easily found in the vicinity, or one can opt for a rental home for an even greater degree of privacy. However, when visiting the beach during peak season, it is important to make reservations in advance, as such rentals sell out quickly in the summer months.

Vilano Beach offers the additional advantage of being centrally located to both Jacksonville and St. Augustine, which makes it easy for families to access major attractions, while enjoying a home base that is somewhat removed from the crowds. Considering everything Vilano Beach has to offer, its popularity as a vacation destination will likely continue to increase throughout future years.