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The beautiful Sabrine Ferretti

Sabrine Ferretti
cta 2014

Sabrine Ferretti is the beautiful face who is known for ‘’Lies hidden in the truth (2013)’’, ‘’Turn the night up -Enrique Iglesias's music video (2013)’’, the new face of ‘’Apple Care" commercial, coming up in 2014, as well as the new comic web series coming up later in February “The bad boyfriend” where she got her own name as a character playing a Brazilian lover of Anthony, a crazy and funny boyfriend who always messes with their relationship, and “Let me Dance (2013)’’ a short film written and produced by Sabrine, herself. She is a brilliant actress and is well known for her professionalism and charisma. Sabrine has also done many print commercials as a model and hair model that extended her career and participation in the social media.

She was born in Formosa-GO, a small city in Brazil, but later on moved to Los Angeles. Sabrine had her first on-stage experience at the age of 6 as a dancer, which led her to become the member of a ballroom dance troupe that lasted for as long as ten years. At the age of 7 and 8, she won a beauty contest and was recognized as one of the most beautiful little girls of her time. Sabrine used to actively take part in the school activities and she would never miss out on any school events, where she acted, danced and choreographed for many school projects. This gave her exposure and built in her confidence and enthusiasm to work in this field.

After completing her Bachelor in Law, she ventured out as a successful business woman and set up her own restaurant, which was also successful. In 2011, she moved to the USA where she pursued her career in acting because of the immense passion she had about being able to express herself- to touch people, learn and grow from the experiences life and acting has always brought to her and of course the genuine passion of just being in front of the camera. She was determined to live her dreams and fulfill her childhood wish of becoming an actress.
Sabrine earned an MFA in acting for Film at New York Film Academy (Universal Studios Campus) after studying at the Beverly Hills Playhouse Acting School. Now she is successfully working in Hollywood and is admired by everyone. Her future plans include working as a series regular on a sitcom and to embrace a cause that would help make the world a better place to live in.

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