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The Beautiful Gypsy

Ella Eranthis

I have recently been following a woman named, Ella Eranthis. Her footsteps have traveled through the city and into the country. This beautiful lady grabbed my attention in her travel-related Vlog work. I saw the freedom in her eyes; I saw the raw beauty of someone untouched by the commitment of the world. She proved to be an example of what freedom really looks like in human form. She is an enigma, she is wild and free; she is Ella, the beautiful gypsy.

As I browsed through Ella's videos and photographs, I realized that this vixen is onto something great and revolutionary, with her films. When I started to talk with her, she shared a little about herself and the reason why she roamed the earth. On a second occasion, I got the chance to learn even more. This amazing woman shared some tips about why it just may be better to live the life of the nomad, rather than stay in one place. Maybe travel is the answer to true happiness and maybe your home is the entire earth. Ella wanted to share some revolutionary thoughts about travel and living the life of untamed, and so I listened.

The world/ our home

Ella doesn’t have a permanent home, in fact, every hotel, chattel and B&B is considered her home for the moment. Her travel videos are her life. Every week, Ella is in a different location. She is out wandering around the local area, taking photographs of the setting sun and filming her travel related short films. She has no help with her work, setting timers and doing every aspect of her Vlogs with her intuition and skill. After filming, Ella relaxes in her hotel/ temporary home and edits her work. When morning comes, she walks to the local coffee shop or diner and has her routine breakfast of black coffee and a glass of water. You may see her life as complicated, but Ella finds the travel life, a simple adventure. To Ella, the world is her oyster; and the world is her home.

Coming out of her shell

If you talk with Ella in person, you might not believe that she is, in fact, the travel guru. Face to face, Ella is rather shy. Apparently, vlogging has brought Ella out of her shell and introduced her to a way of being social and making friends. Ella has created a new life for herself, where she has made hundreds of friends through the magic of the web. Ella is like a flower, which has been coaxed to bloom by the love and nurturing of those who enjoy her work.

The soul of a destination

Ella doesn’t simply film a location for the sights and sounds. She takes the whole experience and finds the spiritual aspects of each and every location. As she shares information about each city, she also talks about the energy of the town. Ella believes each location has a distinct and different essence and she tries to capture that essence in the video. Just as each person has a personality, each place has a heart and a soul. To Ella’s perceptions, New Orleans, for instance, has a very “retro” atmosphere while the Mojave Desert has a very “isolated” and “strange” energy. She hopes that she can bring these aspects out in her short films and give each place the ability to speak for itself.

Fans and Friends

Ella loves her fans and truly appreciates their interest in her travel vlogs. She feels like the fans are her biggest support system. This lovely woman is just beginning to understand what it felt like for celebrities like Elvis and Marilyn Monroe, who had trouble sleeping. Ella feels such an influx of energy when she receives feedback and support from her beloved fans that she has trouble sleeping at night. Thoughts of her day’s excitement and comments from those who love her fill her head and make it hard to settle in and relax. Ella loves her fans so much that she updates her work on a very regular basis and many long hours are spent perfecting her offerings. The fact that she loves what she does, provides her an almost supernatural energy to keep going full-force. She wants to make sure that she gives her fans what they want from her Vlog and her own satisfaction of a job well done.

Dreams beyond the Camera

Ella not only dreams about her publicity and filming; she also dreams of improving conditions for wildlife. She has developed a desire to travel to Hawaii and film underwater. Her objective is to film the animals that thrive in this environment and give them a voice through her films. She feels that animals are suffering and should have the ability to show the truth about polluted waters and other aspects of their living conditions. Her heart goes out to those who cannot speak for themselves.

There is always so much more to the individual than we may suspect. Ella Eranthis is amazing and has many dreams. Although these dreams are powerful and motivating, Ella remains true to her spontaneous nature. As she travels around the world, enjoying every surprise and wonder around each corner, she knows that she will always be truly happy. If her dreams come true, it will be her true desiny. In the meantime, Ella will only remain devoted to her freedom.

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