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The Beautiful Breath of Spring

The Beautiful Breath of Spring
The Beautiful Breath of Spring
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You won't have to look far to find people who have reached the point of being done with old man winter this year.

Even I, who loves the snow that covers everything with a gentle hush of clean pure white wonder am ready for Spring.

A few weeks back I was delighted to see the promise of Spring upon the Maple tree in the front yard as it was beginning to bud.

The cold weather had begun to warm finally and all seemed pointed in the direction of Spring.

I thought of the garden and what I would plant this year when suddenly the cold returned and brought some ice and snow, though it was almost March.

So I put the gardening ideas away and waited like everyone else.

The freezing temperatures and snow continued here and in nearby states as the Polar Vortex made it's considerable "presence" known again.

Today the buds on the Maple tree outside are much larger as the promise of Spring returns once again and I am putting the garden in order in the hopes that winter is indeed done.

I saw some lovely photographs today of gardens brimming with new life and it gave me hope that Spring indeed has sprung.

I wrote this a while ago and thought I would include it here.

To all of you and especially my friend Lady Raven...this is for you.

"Music From Heaven

The trees that stood leafless had waited patiently for this
When the blessed song from Heaven would sing the new day
God commanded the buds to form... and bloom they did!
Till the whole of the land was alive and the wind blew gently through their vibrant hues giving way

To every footfall on the well walked paths
To the children in the gardens singing their songs
To every creature making it's way
Till the whole world couldn't help but sing along

And lending their colors the trees lifted every eye
To see the new life springing up all around them
And the promise of God who created it all
Smiling down on us all from Heaven

Lady Paula Katherine Prince-Meserole

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