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The Beatles and Elvis appear at a Chicago McDonald's restaurant

The Beatles were that, very popular, 1960’s rock group that consisted of Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. Elvis is Elvis Presley, who was a late 1950’s, very popular, hips-gyrating rock star. McDonald's is a current, very popular, fast-food chain.

Four Beatles stride this museum's, limited space.
Four Beatles stride this museum's, limited space.
Vernon Brookins
This miniature museum glows under Chicago's, night lights.
© 2014 Vernon Brookins

Chicago’s, McDonald’s restaurant, which is between LaSalle Street and Clark Street, and between Ontario Street and Ohio Street, has a Rock & Roll Museum. Enclosed in plate glass, this museum, which is smaller than 100 feet square, contains art exhibits in the form of statues, four, vinyl records that appear to have gold coatings, two mannequins and a sports car. Inside this extremely small museum the available space is limited; therefore, I do not believe McDonald’s management allows visitors inside.

On the museum’s, eastern side, four, plain, statues of the Beatles stride in single file as if they were crossing Abbey Road instead of this small space between Chicago’s LaSalle Street and Clark Street. These statues appear to be plaster. None of them are taller than six feet.

On the museum’s, western side, a red and white sports car is prominent. Having the name Peggy Sue that Elvis Presley immortalized in one of his songs, this automobile scintillates under garish lighting. Two mannequins are inside this automobile. (Is this a functional auto, and can it go from zero mph to 80 mph in 10 seconds?)

Four, representational, gold records for Elvis Presley are visible from the outside. I wonder if You Ain’t Nothing but a Hound Dog was one of them. Perhaps, Return to Sender was another song that achieved gold record status.

The Beatles and Elvis Presley were performing artists. Statues and gold records can be art exhibits representing the music industry. Looking at these exhibits, you may want someone to “hold your hand.”

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