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The BCS controversy continues as the season comes to an end

The National Championship game had it moments, but it was mostly over once Colt McCoy apparently lost feeling in his arm and sat out most of the game. It was not so much a win for Bama, but a loss by the Horns.

It makes a Boise fan wonder how a number-two national championship team can get by with only one quarterback. How would the game be different if Bama lost its quarterback?

So the Crimson Tide joins the Buckeyes and the Broncos as the only schools in history to have 14/0 seasons. This is the only thing we can say. Any further comparison between BSU and Alabama is pure speculation. I bet no one at BSU has ever even met anyone at Alabama.

Bloggers and pundits all over the country are comparing strength of schedule, size of players, skill sets, stats, and scores to speculate on whether BSU or TCU should have been in the game last night, but any conclusion they can make is fantasy. In sports car racing, we call that bench racing. You can compare specs and stats all you want, but you only get winners from races.

Now people are getting political about it. Boise’s Today’s Channel 6 news is announcing a petition to have President Obama invite the Broncos to the White House because tradition has it that the president usually invites the national champions over. The petition must have redefined the word invite. Regional TV also has a commercial about the BCS sighting a comment by the BCS that “not everyone can play.”

The fact is the BCS is broken. Like Jim Rome says, it is meant to pit number one against number 2, but it rarely does that. It obviously is not working when undefeated teams have to stop playing to allow elite teams to move to the top. The right people know that. They are the people who own it. If they want to fix it they will.

This is one of those things like a large corporation that is too big to change fast. But it has changed some. BSU and Utah have been to multiple bowl games in the past few years. Now TCU has one. The progress will continue, and it will make a difference. Once a National Championship title starts to come with an asterisk, even the elite teams will want a change. Nobody wants an asterisk.


  • Marty 5 years ago

    As a Boise State fan I am grateful for the invite and win at the Fiesta Bowl. Bronco Nation really turned out for the game and made a whole lot of noise. My hope is that BSU and it's fans can remain humble and not toot our own horns too much now that we won. As we walked back to the parking lot after the game I saw a BSU fan pound the side of a car full of TCU fans and as he was hitting the side of the car he was yelling "TC WHO? TC WHO?" It turned my stomach that he acted that way. It was such a contrast to what coach Pete said after the game that he had great respect for TCU and that the game really could have gone either way. So, I hope that the BSU fans can be grateful for the win and for the #4 ranking and that we just quietly keep winning our games because that will speak for itself and gain greater respect than inviting ourselves to the White House or making demands on the BCS.

  • David Weber 5 years ago

    Marty, thanks for the comment. I could not agree more. While the BCS seems to be dissing the bowl busters, it is still their game. The teams and the fans have to realize that winning is what causes the need for change, not complaining and certainly not legal action. We have to avoid being poor sports. As an example, it would be much much better and more pleasant if that dude would high five the TCU fans. We are in this together.

    Our first Fiesta Bowl was the "greatest game ever played," and this year's game I am calling the perfect game. I hear that the Fiesta bowl was the highest rated show on TV that night. That plus the huge turnout are the things that mean money and the things that will influence the powers that be.

    I know I am doing my share of slamming the BCS for the matchup they gave BSU, but they are not completely wrong. It was the perfect game after all, and that is what the Fiesta Bowl said they were looking for.

    Thanks again Marty.

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