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The battle for Net Neutrality and how to contact the F.C.C.

GottaBe Mobile sent out a call today online for joining the battle to save Net Neutrality this week. The F.C.C. on Thursday, May 15, will open a vote to the new rules that basically determines the future of the Internet.

Keystone Oil Pipeline Protesters Demonstrate Outside Of Obama Fundraiser
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The fight to keep Net Neutrality began April 24, when The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal posted the news that the F.C.C. would vote to allow Internet service providers who paid a higher fee would have a faster pipeline to stream program content into the subscribers’ homes across America.

The vote was set for May 15 by Chairman Tom Wheeler of the F.C.C. Wheeler was new into the position when he called for this vote, as he had been appointed by President Obama earlier this year with great confidence and maintained no verbal change in his previous support of Net Neutrality.

The Net Neutrality for the Internet was thrown out by a federal court ruling earlier in the year. Since the Internet is not considered a utility under federal law, the federal district court said last a case brought by Comcast vs. the F.C.C. it is not subject to regulations banning the arrangements.

It was announcement that the vote would take place on May 15 that the complaints blew a storm of protest for dissent not seen in the past. The backlash came from the non-profit groups, start-ups in program providing content and other groups that would be unable to pay higher fees to be a part of the exclusive club.

That basic belief is now under policy change of policy from the F.C.C. the big box companies like Disney, Google or Netflix will pay Internet service providers as a Verizon or Comcast higher fees for the fast lane. Consumers will get their "Houses of Cards" on Netflix from the fast lane which was bought at a higher rate fee.

Google has supported Net Neutrality in a move for smart public relations. Then newly elect President Obama picked Julius Genachowski, a strong proponent of net neutrality, as F.C.C. chairman. When he left the position this year there was a change when Obama picked Tom Wheeler to head the F.C.C. Wheeler is a telecommunications lobbyist who served as president of the NCTA before becoming president of the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association (CITA), the lobbying arm of the wireless industry.

There are consumers camped out at the F.C.C. office in Washington D.C. The consumer is advised by Reddit to send an email as the phone calls have now been too numerous and the lines cannot handle all of the protest calls. The F.C.C. has set up a special email address for those interested to send their support of Net Neutrality.

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