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The battle for control of the democrat party (and our tax dollars)

Are you ready for more Clinton?
Are you ready for more Clinton?
Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

If you follow any news at all it is hard to miss the blow by blow accounts of the battle within the Republican Party. The GOP-E vs. The Tea Party, RINO’s vs. conservatives, The Carl Rove consultants against the base. All detailed for everyone to see and add their own two cents. What about the Democrat Party? Their voting blocs will vote for whom they are told, but who decides the ticket on Election Day? Isn’t there any infighting or they just take turns?

As you read this there is plotting and scheming going on within the Democrat party for the 2014 elections and the set up for the 2016 presidential race. In one corner we have the older Third Way Democrats represented by Hillary Clinton. In the other we have the upstart Progressive Democrats with the home court advantage weighing in with Elizabeth Warren.

This battle is really a rematch of the 2008 knockout fight of Third Way Hillary versus Progressive Obama. Hillary has been preparing for a presidential run after Al Gore’s defeat. She convinced her friends at the Walton Foundation to fund a non-profit think tank called the Third Way. The Third Way is advertised as fiscally conservative, socially liberal way of presiding over the masses. It is similar to Obama’s Organizing for America fund raising arm. The Walton Foundation is financed by the Wal-Mart fortune, who Hillary served on the board until Bill decided to run. After the primaries the Hilleryites felt cheated and out maneuvered by Obama supporters. (Fraud)

Once Obama’s was in office Hillary had to lay low for two terms by carpet bagging her way into a New York state Senate seat. The progressive, to keep an eye on their rival had her appointed to her position as Secretary of State. At the same time assaulting her big money donors like Wal-Mart, and using their now vast resources to assist other progressives into office.

Hillary Rodham has been distancing herself from the disasters of the Obama presidency while the Third wayers fired an opening shot. In a December column in the Wall Street Journal two writers attacked the progressives with a claim that demonizing the rich is not the way to win the popular vote. (WSJ response) The progressive’s took up defensive positions and attacked the columnists and their ideas. The basic claim is Bill DeBlasio won in New York so it can’t be so. Progressive Elizabeth Warren tried to scalp their funding by requesting information on spending from financial institutions friendly to the Third Way cause.

When the dust settled from the progressive beat down the Third Way went on the offensive again to remove some progressives from positions of power. The recent arrests of progressives Patrick Cannon Charlotte mayor, NY Senator William Scarborough, Rhode Island’s Gordon Fox and the crown jewel Leland Yee. Yee was running for Secretary of State in California and until recently likely to win. After their defeat in 2008 the Third Wayer’s could not afford to have a progressive in charge of California elections.

The battle lines have been drawn; the reports in the main stream press will be sporadic in the fog of war. Who will win this battle? The Third Way who with the support of big business want to keep the economy on life support to fund their schemes or the progressives who want everyone dependent on government until the system to collapses with them holding the reins of power. Both have considerable organizations (Third Way) (Progressive) and whoever wins this battle will tell the Democratic voting blocs who to vote for, whom to cheat for, and who to support.

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