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The battle begins again


DC Comics


The battle between Marvel and DC has heated up over the past couple of months with the release of DC’s Blackest Night. Almost four years ago Marvel created the wildly popular Marvel Zombies and now DC is ready to dip their pens into the proverbial ink.

The Blackest Night begins with the suicide of Green Lantern’s foe The Black Hand, a.k.a William Hand. Scar then resurrects the villain to create the first Black Lantern. The story begins on a day that is dedicated to the loss of the world’s super heroes and the innocent people they couldn’t save. As the remaining heroes remember their fallen comrades a dark prophecy is being fulfilled and the battle between light and darkness is about to begin.

The events unfold with Black Hand desecrating Bruce Wayne's grave and stealing his skull for a yet to be disclosed reason. The black rings make their way to earth calling to the long gone heroes and beckoning them to live once again as Black Lanterns. The newly risen heroes begin making unexpected visits to their old friends and giving new meaning to the old saying “eat your heart out.”

The first two issues of the new series are completely different than Marvel’s predecessor. While Marvel Zombies was fun and campy horror, DC’s Blackest Night is setting up to be something much darker and intense. I have to say that I’m quite excited to keep reading and find out who will prevail in eternal battle between the light and darkness. I give this series a four out of five and highly recommend it everyone.