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The Baton Pass and Stand Up To Cancer

“Every hour, nearly 200 Americans are told they have cancer,” Lisa Paulsen, SU2C co-founder and president & CEO of the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF).

The Baton Pass

“The next thing they hope to hear is ‘you will survive.’ We are so thankful to Siemens for supporting SU2C’s goal of making everyone diagnosed with cancer a survivor. Monies raised through “The Baton Pass” will fund SU2C’s fight against this terrible disease.”

The Baton Pass began yesterday in New York City (in the Times Square studio of, "Good Morning America." The pass started with ABC News' Robin Roberts, who is a cancer survivor and Amy Robach, who is currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer. The two were surrounded by dozens of other cancer survivors, doctors and research supports.

“In the same way that runners hand a baton to one another in a relay race, researchers and doctors have handed what they know about the disease to other researchers and other doctors to help them Stand up to Cancer. Significant progress has been made in the fight against cancer and through the Baton Pass we can let people know there is a reason for hope.”

Gregory Sorensen, MD, President and CEO of Siemens Healthcare North America

The pass is a grassroots effort to raise money and for survivorship for everyone facing a cancer diagnosis with the critical need to invest in research. The baton will cross hands at events everywhere. It will pass from patients, survivors, doctors, scientists, health care workers, families and others who have been affected by cancer.

“The Baton Pass will raise funds as well as hope and through education and awareness allow us to eliminate some of the fear associated with cancer. We have tools now that diagnose cancer earlier and treat it more effectively turning more cancer patients into survivors. For example, lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths worldwide, but recent studies show a 20% reduction in lung cancer deaths as a result of early diagnosis through a chest CT-scan. If we can educate the public through this campaign and help people get over the fear of diagnosis, they can control the future of their health and realize there is hope.”

Gregory Sorensen, MD

The baton is equipped with a GPS tracking system so that users can track its journey with the Facebook app, the link to which is located under, "Vital Links."

Siemens lead fundraising by donating $1.00 to Stand Up To Cancer, for every pass of the baton, from yesterday until September the 5th, up to $1 million. However, the pass is supported by many. In fact, there are many digital signs in Times Square, which initially, announced the launch. Also, NYC taxi cabs will share the message to NYC commuters and visitors.

“Stand Up and Siemens both partner with the world’s premiere medical and research facilities so working together on this campaign makes sense. In the next two days we will be at NewYork-Presbyterian and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and as a former radiologist and cancer researcher myself I know the incredible work being done at both of these institutions. Siemens is proud to support them from a technology side and we are proud to help raise funds for their work through Stand Up to Cancer.”

Gregory Sorensen, MD

The baton will end the day at the American Cancer Society's Hope Ledge, which provides a home away from home for cancer patients and their families who require travel for treatment.

Vital Links:

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