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The Basics of Single Parenting in the Memphis Area

Parenting is very rewarding. Memphis moms and dads are always looking for better ways of raising their children, utilizing resources and experience. Living within the city can pose problems and also offer opportunities that cannot be found elsewhere.

Parenting works wonders in its simplicity.Waking up in the morning to exuberant faces just vying for you attention is sure to make the whole experience worthwhile. Parenting is also tough, very tough indeed. Nothing, however, can compare to single parenting which leaves you with 100% of the duties of child rearing.

The Memphis area is home to hundreds of single parents. The trend of solo parenting has become more and more commonplace and even more prevalent to traditional forms of parenting. Single parenting can consist of both pros and cons as well. When you are a single parent, you get all of the attention from your children and experience all the milestones of their lives, without any interruption. There are also situations that prove to be very difficult. Finding each of these difficulties and finding ways to alleviate stress is the best way to eliminate the downsides of single parenting.
There are 4 tips that very single parent must consider when raising children. These areas are very important and must be taken seriously in order to be the best parent possible for your child.

1. The first 7 years

According to psychology, the first 7 years of your child's life are the building blocks of personality. The first 7 years make up the areas of the child's mind that will carry on into adulthood. It is very important to establish a healthy mental relationship with your children, providing a comfortable home life with plenty of communication and interaction. This is a sensitive time in the life of the child and must be taken very seriously.

2. Starting School

The first days of school will set the stage for years to come. Helping the child make the transition from home life to the education facilities is important to help form the self-esteem of the child. Teaching the child how to interact with the other children is also an important role for the single parent. Single parenting may cause more obstacles in this area, but with resources, the parent will know how to approach this subject. Speaking with a counselor may help the parent prepare for the child's school years.

3. When questions arise

Sooner or later, the child will want to know why they have only one parent. If you never get re-married or the other parent is completely out of the picture, this may take some time. Speaking frankly about the subject is always best for the child. There is no point in lying about the family situation. It only makes it harder on the child as they grow older. Unanswered questions can pose really difficult situations in the child's teenage years.

4. Just being there

Just being there for your child works wonders. You do not have to be perfect in order to be a successful parent. A child needs someone to care, nurture and guide them throughout their lives. By just being there, in the best way you know how, the child can begin to form healthy relationships with others.

It doesn't matter if you make many mistakes in parenting. This is also an area that each and every child must understand. When seeing their parents make mistakes, this also helps the child to understand that they too, can make mistakes and feel good enough. As long as you are trying your best, you will be successful.

Memphis area single parents need encouragement in child rearing. The roles of these untraditional parents are becoming more important in many areas. Never judge a parent by the load that they carry. You may be amazed by what just one caretaker can provide. Single parenting has come a long way

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