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The basics of Houston urban art

The works of EYESORE, Dual, and Give Up as seen at Gallery 619's "Roadside Distractions" 10/10/09
The works of EYESORE, Dual, and Give Up as seen at Gallery 619's "Roadside Distractions" 10/10/09

It's official. Houston has undoubtedly claimed it's spot as a leader in the modern day rise of urban art. Art galleries, book stores, and many more businesses in the Houston area have been infiltrated by the art of the streets. Graffiti, in particular, has sewn itself permanently into the heart of Houston. Graffiti artists Give Up, Dual, and Eyesore are currently some of the biggest names in Houston urban art. Give Up, the most well-known of the three above mentioned artists, is known for his signature razor blade, a symbol used in all his works, and his controversial black and white wheat pasted posters. Dual, an additional veteran of the wheat paste style, is known for his signature clock and strong social statements. Lastly, Eyesore is known for his monster-like and psychedelic characterizations. These characters, along with the works of both Give Up and Dual, are usually seen in sticker or wheat pasted poster form on stop signs, light posts, and windows around Houston.

Apart from seeing such graffiti artists as Give Up, Dual, and Eyesore on the streets, any interested person in the Houston area can stop by one of the many urban artist-friendly businesses. Two of the most popular and landmark locations in Houston that exhibit urban art are Aerosol Warfare Gallery and Domy Books. Aerosol Warfare Gallery (& Boutique) located at 2110 Jefferson St. houses a broad range of urban art and fashion. Aerosol Warfare also boasts as being "Houston's only street/urban artist gallery and street fashion boutique." GONZO247, the owner and founder of Aerosol Warfare, is currently the curator of Houston's upcoming 1st Annual Graffiti Gala, an event which should prove to be a visually exciting blend of both local and national graffiti art. Domy Books, a book store/art gallery located at 1709 Westheimer, is another exceptional space to view the works of both local Houston urban artists and urban artists from abroad. Though small, Domy manages to maintain a large quantity of loyal customers and curious passers-by.