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The Banshee at Kings Island Gains 150 Feet

Banshee Roller Coaster at Kings Island soars to new heights.
Kings Island

A piece of Mason, Ohio just got 150 feet taller. Construction on the fearsome first hill of Kings Island's new Banshee roller coaster has just completed, and it looks like a heck of a drop. I was just sent this photo, one of the first shots of the completed hill. This is the first major milestone in the completion of the coaster, which is slated to open in April of 2014.

Banshee Stats:

  • The Banshee will break the record as the longest inverted roller coaster in the world, with track stretching 4,124 feet.
  • Features on the coaster include a zero-G roll, outside loop, a dive loop, batwing, in-line roll and a carousel. There is also a loop that circles the lift hill.
  • The Banshee cost Cedar Fair $24 million to construct.

Will you be one of the first in line to ride the Banshee at Kings Island next spring?

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