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'The Bane Cat' is a video gone viral: How did he get that cat to dress up?

The Bane Cat is decked out in the Bane mask from "The Dark Knight" and the video that its owner made has gone viral today. The Game Zone calls this the best video on YouTube for 2014 so far, in an article published March 29.

The Bane Cat is a video gone viral as the Bane Cat does a cat version of "The Dark Knight."
YouTube screen shot

This video did the Bane Cat up right! The cat speaks to his owner in the same way and same sounding voice that Tom Hardy spoke in Christopher Nolan's movie. How this guy got the cat to not only stay in the Bane mask, but to be so calm while dressed up like an entity ready for battle is beyond logic. Cats don't do "dress up" well.

This is one creative video and it looks professionally done. Rob Rants' cat version of the "Dark Knight Rises" might get cat owners out there thinking. The video shows the cat in charge and he is so scary that the owner puts up picture posters of the cat, calling it friendly and rendering it for sale. The guy staples these posters all over town on telephone poles.

The smart Bane Cat comes into his room later to show him that he happened upon one of the posters that has him up for sale. You have to watch the rest of the video to get the full picture. It definitely comes from one creative mind! The Bane Cat is not a cat that you want in your house while you sleep at night. It is definitely a feline that needs to be watched at all times.

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