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The Bam Bag Zippurse is latest discovery from ‘what’s in my Oscar week swag bag’

Even though Oscars are over memories linger on as your swag slut digs through the canvas booty bags collected at various gifting suites around town. Due to brain camps I’ve gotten some of my swag suite hosts mixed up, but not the one where I picked up a groovy (only word for It even though a bit dated) Bam Bag. It was at the Eligible Magazine’s very talented Kathy Duliakas sizzling hot celebrity gifting gathering bag Hollywood's Taglyan Complex.

Zippered bags that zip all the way down from Bam Bags
Patti Pietschmann

I was drawn to the Bam Bag set up by all the amazing designs hung up on display. My eyes went straight for the cool black, Zippurse® Lily Bag is named after founder, Beth A. Metsch’s grandmother. “Lily was smart, sophisticated and always carried a great little bag,” she explained. The bag unzips entirely, believe it now, right down to one long zipper. I’m not quite sure why however, it just does, which makes it more distinctive. It was actually conceived when Beth's mother asked for a bag made out of zippers. Beth's prototype, a bag made of one high strength continuous zipper, completely entertained her mother and her friends. Mom was her first customer and retailers immediately followed suit.

The bag is just what I was looking for to take on the many cruises I do for my National Cruise Examiner column (and for other trips and uses). It’s already packed for my March 20 voyage on the Silver Spirit. But before I put it in my luggage I wore it to a cocktail party and it went great with my little black dress.

The Lily bag sells for about $40 at Bam Bags.

You won’t believe this but I still haven’t gotten to the bottom of my swag bags. However I must admit that nothing tops the $60,000 booty bag given Ellen DeGeneres, who then turned around and gave it her a member of her daytime TV audience. What a gal. But then she probably doesn’t need it as much as we ordinary folks do. Other celeb gift bags were worth $80,000.

Watch the video for some pretty strange swag bag items.

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