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The Baltimore Convention Center an ideal green building

An image of the renovated green roof terrace.
An image of the renovated green roof terrace.
GBA Architects

In 2010 the Baltimore Convention Center started one of many renovations that would turn the 1,225,000 square feet complex into an eco-friendly and green building. That year, the center turned the outdoor terrace into a green roof. More than half of the 27,000 square foot space became usable as 12,245 square feet of the roof space was planted with drought resistant vegetation.

The Convention Center is a part of the Maryland Green Travel program, a program that acknowledges tourism- related businesses for their efforts in reducing their impact on the environment while promoting environmental sustainability. With the guidance and resources from the Maryland Green Travel program, the Convention Center has incorporated more green practices over the years for residents and tourist to enjoy.

Below is a list of actions the conventions has taken in becoming a green business, these actions includes:

  1. Exterior glass and skylights allow for the use of natural light to reduce electricity cost.
  • Reusable service equipment is used on buffets and break stations.
  • Meeting room tables are made from 30% recycled products.
  • Water conservation through newly installed low-flow bathroom fixtures and commode systems.
  • Solid Waste Reduction System, SOMAT, reduces solid catering waste by 90 percent.
  • Newly installed LED lighting and lighting controls and control upgrades.
  • About 60 to-65 percent of cleaning chemicals are now Green Seal Ecofriendly certified.

The Baltimore Convention Center has become an ideal example for surrounding businesses as to how to become a successful green business and as the center kicks of 2014 with major events it will be great for residents and tourist to enjoy.

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