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'The Ballpark Pup' Hank: Homeless dog becomes MLB mascot (videos)

Hank isn't homeless anymore.

Hank 'The Ballpark Pup' isn't homeless anymore.

He's an adorable pup that has charmed not only America, but also the Milwaukee Brewers and their fans. Now, he's settling into his new life as a beloved Mascot referred to as the "Ballpark Pup." Hank’s story is a heartwarming tale as the stray pup actually found his way onto the Milwaukee Brewers’ training camp last February while they practiced in Arizona. The players fell for the cute pup and brought him to the veterinarian. After a cleaning and pampering, as well as ensuring he was fully vaccinated, Hank returned to embark upon his new life as an MLB team member.

The story of the team taking in Hank has touched animal lovers’ hearts nationwide. In fact, Hank’s fans can keep up to date with his romps and escapades on social media networks by using the hash tag #ballparkpup.

Check out the video report for this heartwarming story above. Make sure to use the hashtag for all of Hank’s latest news and updates.

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