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The Ballad of Sam And Silas

ABC'S General Hospital, It's love for Sam and Silas
ABC'S General Hospital, It's love for Sam and Silas
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Once upon a time in the fictional town of Port Charles, on the ABC television soap opera "General Hospital" there was a man named Silas and a woman named Samantha.

They came together at a very odd time in each others lives and at first meeting she found him rather cold, aloof and practically insufferable.

As time went by that didn't change much and she thought that he was more guarded than ever especially when it came to any kind of emotion.

It seemed that he would not change his way which made her think at first that she would just have to find a way to put up with him for the sake of her foster son who turned out to be this man's nephew.

Silas was regimented and rude with her as well as with everyone else around him and there were times that he said things which could not be construed in any other way but to find them rather mean and emotionless.

For a while Samantha swore that he wasn't capable of possessing a heart.

Then Samantha's child became ill and Silas stepped up bringing it to her attention and this dedicated doctor busied himself working day and night to find the answer to the child's malady and hopefully a cure.

Nevertheless, as the circumstances of her son's illness had surely brought them together, she began to sense things about his true nature and time spent together would reveal what Samantha was sure she could now see evidence of in his eyes.

That somehow he had been hiding his true heart, his true feelings and a crippling amount of pain, inside himself.

Then one day, she purposed to look into his eyes and suddenly she was acutely aware of his loneliness and in that moment she could see the enormous prison of pain that this man had locked himself inside of.

She knew in no uncertain terms, that for reasons she would come to know later that he had purposely cut his heart, his emotions, his very soul away from world. To wander alone as the shell of a man that the circumstances beyond his control had rendered him.

But Samantha felt it too.

She was well acquainted with her own uncontrollable circumstances and guided by a similar pain, she began to understand and she softened towards him.

As time went on Silas began to see Samantha in only the way that love could view her and soon the wall that Silas had carefully built around himself began to crumble.

I think it frightened him at first as he proceeded with great caution for she had awakened the heart within him, that he was certain had died long ago.

It is said that "True love knows it's own" and Samantha's heart had recognized his.

In time the air seemed a bit lighter around them both as they fell deeply in the love that had finally come for them.

And so, love began to flourish between them.

Yet sadly, fate had other plans.

One sunny afternoon a birthday party was being held in the park for Samantha's child, but there would be no celebration for the gate had been deliberately crashed by a woman from Silas' past.

The reason for his pain had come back when the wife he thought lay in a two decade old coma was awake and suddenly, there in front of him.

In the weeks to follow this woman would topple and destroy all those that she perceives as her enemy, decisively striking without warning like a ravenous Vampire having been buried for 20 years with little to no sustenance.

Outwardly she presents herself as an innocent victim of time... but she is greatly adept at her masquerade for to listen to her practiced deceit, no one would know the danger that she embodies for she strikes them in secret... away from the eyes of the world.

Checking them off her list, she exacts her revenge, taking them all one by one and draining them dry until she eliminates every obstacle in her path to reclaim what she believes is hers.

Now all that is left is a mere shadow of the love between Samantha and Silas and if the vampire gets her way, she will continue to exsanguinate Silas till she destroys that too.

Ah the drama!...

Keep it coming General Hospital.

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