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The Bad Guy 2: SuperBAD

He's up to no good!
He's up to no good!
Clint Hilinski

When the world’s superheroes are too busy fighting each other it’s up to the Bad Guy to save the world! Even if he has to kill a hero to do it. Clint Hilinski’s villainous nogoodnick, The Bad Guy is back and he’s every bit as bad as ever. This time around he’s working as an Agent of S.E.R.P.E.N.T. and as is any group of super-baddies they are, of course, out to destroy the world, and yeah, they might just be evil, but their checks clear, so the Bad Guy’s on board with them.

Super Bad!
Clint Hilinski

Yep, this is the very exciting sequel to Hilinski’s very first Kickstarter comic, The Bad Guy, but don’t worry if you missed out on the first issue as you can still get a copy of that issue with this Kickstarter! (According to Hilinski, you can add a copy of the Bad Guy #1 to any of the Kickstarter rewards by just adding $10 onto your pledge and letting him know in the survey at the end that you would like a copy of the 1st Bad Guy issue.)

So anyway, in The Bad Guy #2, our notorious villain, Damon Kane, has moved on from the spy world so as to face off against the world’s greatest superheroes. The only problem he’s actually having is that the world’s superheroes are all too busy fighting amongst themselves to be bothered to stop S.E.R.P.E.N.T’s nefarious plans! So once again it’s up to everybody’s favorite Bad Guy to save the world once again; even if he has to kill a few superheroes along the way to get it done. This time around the Bad Guy will be dragged into the world of superheroes and villains, as the minions of S.E.R.P.E.N.T. face off against the world’s greatest superheroes, led by the Superiors. This issue of the Bad Guy will actually be a crossover with Hilinski’s previous Kickstarter for The Superiors serving as sort of a sequel to that book, while showing the further adventures of the Superiors. Still, the main focus will be on the Bad Guy as he fights his way through whatever hero stands in his way so as to to accomplish his primary mission.

Along the way The Bad Guy will encounter a number of different superheroes, some may seem somewhat familiar to those superheroes you may know. As can be expected, Hilinski will be taking a very satirical swipe at many classic story lines and characters much the way he did in the first Bad Guy book with the spy/action movie genre. For those of you who want an little bit of extra reward in with your funding, Hilinski wants you to make sure youy check out the “BE IN THE BOOK” Rewards, as (like the title states) it is your chance to actually become a character in the book, as your likeness will be drawn in as a character, good or bad, in a cool spot in the story!


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