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The backyard at Social House invites your inner kid out to play

The signature shot at the Social House.
The signature shot at the Social House.
Tyler Curry

The Social House on Routh Street is an already established hot spot for the uptown dweller. With a stellar patio, prime location and a menu that can please the discerning palette of any 30 something, the restaurant has become one of the most popular places to drink and dine on a Friday night. But now, the creators behind this new staple has given the people of Dallas a whole new reason to brave the crowds for a prime table on a Sunday afternoon.

Just in time for the Spring, the Social House brings to us the Backyard, an expansive addition featuring all of the elements that make up the perfect adult playground. This new space, quite literally in the backyard of the restaurant, offers popular outdoor past times such as giant sized connect four games, Jenga tables, corn-hole and table tennis. But it is the Bubble Soccer and Trash Can Pong that makes this patio something quite unique.

Bar games are nothing new. However, it is rare to find a place where you can eat and drink off of the full restaurant menu in between bouts rolling and crashing in these human-sized beach balls, or have your waiter bring you your next craft beer right to the platform before your next try and getting a yoga ball into a red trash can.

With any eatery offering such commodities like this, you typically will have to overlook the sub-par food options that you are left with. But the Social House began its life as a restaurant first, and it is clear that their food and cocktail menu still take primary billing.

Between our Bubble Soccer sessions, my friends and I snacked on the buffalo calamari, a clear stand out on the appetizer list. We sampled several of their cocktails, and while their frozen drinks were wonderful, our clear frontrunners for a sunny afternoon were the mojitos of any kind and the habanero lime margarita.

Typically, mojitos are so sugary sweet that it can be difficult to finish, but these were the perfect blend of simple syrup and mint to be refreshing without being heavy. My suggestion is to order the margarita with fresh lime juice instead of simple syrup. We tried it both ways and fresh juice is always the better option.

If you are hungry and looking for something other than burgers and flatbreads (which are incredible), don’t be afraid to order one of their house specialties. My friends and I had the chance to taste the house three meatloaf and prime beef rib eye. Both dishes were spot on, both in presentation and taste, adding an upscale element to this playful new concept.

Only in uptown can you find a place that combines handcrafted cocktails and food forward menu offerings with Jenga towers and beer pong for giants. This place is surely to become the new staple for the patio connoisseur, so make sure to arrive early or call ahead. You wouldn’t want to have to wait to long too bounce around in the Bubble arena.

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