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The backstabbing begins on season 3 of 'Dallas'

Season 3 of "Dallas" picks up a mere 12 hours after we last were on Southfork and that seems to also be the length of time that the Ewing clan can live in peace. Shortly after we return, the two factions of the family -- Bobby (Patrick Duffy) and Christopher Ewing (Jesse Metcalfe) vs. John Ross (Josh Henderson) and Sue Ellen Ewing (Linda Gray) -- are already at odds with each other.

"Dallas" is back with more two-timing and double-crossing drama!
"Dallas" is back with more two-timing and double-crossing drama!
TNT/James White

It's the same old issue: John Ross has come up with a new plan to drill for oil on Southfork, something that Bobby is adamantly opposed to, especially because this time it would involve fracking in an area of the ranch reserved for horses.

It doesn't matter that the drilling is to raise money so that Ewing Global can pursue its interests in new forms of energy -- something which Christopher is a major proponent of, and something to which he recently converted John Ross, who before was all about big oil.

Bobby believes: "[Southfork] and its history is what grounds us as a family," while John Ross thinks, "The past is what holds us back."

So, despite the fact that John Ross now has his daddy's watch and the gold belt buckle with the initials "J.R." boldly stamped on it, he is not J.R. and still has a lot to learn when it comes to going up against his Uncle Bobby.

But that is only one of the Ewings problems. Even as the family is divided, it is also under attack from the very same foe that they framed for J.R.'s murder: Cliff Barnes (Ken Kercheval). Cliff has convinced Elena (Jordana Brewster) that J.R. swindled her father by swapping land deeds so her father ended up with a worthless parcel, which eventually broke his spirit and led to his death.

You might think that Elena would be a bit suspicious of Cliff, especially because of her love for Christopher, but in true "Dallas" style she is out for revenge, which she calls justice. In her quest, she enlists new cast member Juan Pablo Di Pace, who plays Nicolas Treviño, who as a young boy was taken in by Elena's parents and raised as her brother, so he feels this is a "blood" quest on his part, too.

The fact that Barnes, despite being jailed for J.R.'s murder, is back in action, though limited in what he can do inside his Mexican jail cell, may be one of the weak points of Season 3. It is a new day on "Dallas," so why not have the new generation of Ewings face nemesis of their own creation, rather than having to clean up J.R.'s messes.

That said, the action on Season 3 of "Dallas" comes fast and furious, and like the Energizer bunny, it just keeps going.

Season 3 of "Dallas" premieres Monday night at 9 p.m. ET/PT on TNT.

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