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‘The Bachelorette’ week 5: Who did Andi Dorfman eliminate or keep this week?

‘The Bachelorette’ week 5: Who did Andi Dorfman eliminate or keep this week?
‘The Bachelorette’ week 5: Who did Andi Dorfman eliminate or keep this week?
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Week 5 of season 10 of “The Bachelorette” saw Andi and her entourage take on Marseille, France. Here, the lovely lawyer had to one-on-one dates and a group date that involved a mime! On June 17, Celebrity Dirty Laundry shared the scoop on the argument between Andi and Marquel as well as the news on who stayed and who went home.

The first One-on-One Date goes to Brian Osborne. Andi takes Brian out for a private showing of the film “The Hundred Foot Journey.” This is followed by an attempt to make frog legs for dinner which turns out disastrously, forcing the couple to opt for going out for drinks instead.

The second One-On-One Date is with Josh Murray. They spend some quality time browsing the shops of the city, picking out items for a picnic. Next they board a luxury sailboat and head off to the coast of France to share some breathtaking views. This is followed up with a private concert.

The group date has Andi and the other 9 contestants exploring France together in silence as they learn form a pro how to mime. They practice their mime skills with some of the people of Marseille. Most of the guys give it their all but one has a serious attitude problem. The bachelorette bestows the group rose on JJ after he steals her from the group for a romantic ride on a Ferris wheel.

Rumors have surfaced, according to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, that the argument between Andi and Marquel was race related and that Andrew made a comment that was just plain ignorant. Is it any wonder they were among those Andi dismissed?

Marquel Martin, Pat Jagodzinski and Andrew Poole were sent packing. So who does that leave? The remaining 8 according to WOTV 4 Women are:

“Brian, 27, a basketball coach from Camp Hill, PA

Chris, 32, a farmer from Arlington, IA

Cody, 28, a personal trainer from Chicago, IL

Dylan, 26, an accountant from Boston, MA

J J, 31, a pantsapreneur from San Francisco, CA

Josh M., 29, a former professional baseball player from Atlanta, GA

Marcus, 25, a sports medicine manager from Dallas, TX

Nick V., 33, a software sales executive from Chicago, IL”

Do you think Andi Dorfman made the right choices on week 5 of “The Bachelorette”? Tune in on Monday for the next installment of the series.

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