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'The Bachelorette' tells off Eric Hill in an emotional outburst and sad goodbye

The special two-night event of "The Bachelorette" began Sunday with 16 bachelors and ended Monday with a furious Andi Dorfman. What happened from Santa Barbara to Connecticut that sparked the latest “Bachelorette” to tell off Eric Hill? The two-night reality TV recap summarizes the drama.

Andi Dorfman, "The Bachelorette," with Boyz II Men on episode three.
ABC/The Bachelor/David Moir

The first one-on-one date in picturesque Santa Barbara went to Nick who was also the lucky bachelor to get the first impression rose on night one. The pessimist received a date rose from Andi and in turn sent her flowers at the rose ceremony. This was the first time in “The Bachelorette” history that flowers were sent, and according to Wet Paint, Nick owned that episode; both Andi and Chris Harrison gave Nick major props for the romantic gesture.

The hysterical group date brought Brian, Marquel, Cody, Tasos, Brett, Ron, Bradley (the opera singer who thought he had a leg up), Josh, Eric, Andrew, Patrick and Marcus to the Music Academy of Santa Barbara. The facility is world renowned for its classical training, however Boyz II Men attempted to speed-teach the bachelors to sing their classic R&B hit "I'll Make Love to You." The men were broken up into two groups and sang live in front of an audience, but as “The Bachelorette” said, “the guys are butchering their song.” A little girl covered her ears over the sour notes that poured out of the bachelors and then Nathan Morris of Boyz II Men declared, “if this is any indication who she’ll choose, you may not have one on the show, and then she’ll leave the show by herself."

The next one-on-one date with Andi Dorfman was afforded to JJ, the pantsrapreneur that wears the hideous trousers. The cute date aged the couple 50 years. He received a date rose, but seriously, those pants alone are enough to send him home.

Bad news befell the bachelor pad as Andi and JJ played an old couple. Ron had to leave due to a friend’s passing knocking the numbers down to 15.

During the cocktail party prior to the rose ceremony, JJ and Josh confronted Andrew over getting a waitress’ phone number and then bragging about it in the car. He admitted receiving the number, but denied the chest thumping. The men were disappointed when Andi kept Andrew and sent home Bradley the opera singer and Brett the hairstylist, who was shy and nervous.

Thirteen love-interests headed to Connecticut and the Mohegan Sun. Dylan finally got his first date alone with Andi on the Essex Steam Train up the Connecticut River. He opened up about his painful past and received the date rose for his dinner confessional.

The group date pitted JJ, Chris, Andrew, Eric, Marquel, Cody, Tasos, Brian, Nick, Josh and Patrick in a basketball game against WNBA players. But then the men were divided and the winning team got to go on a date with Andi and the losers were sent back to the hotel. The Rosebuds versed the Five of Hearts, and the latter was crushed. On the group date Andi questioned Eric, and although they both admitted their feelings stalled, after a heart-to-heart, the spark was supposedly reignited. The winning coach, Brian, made “The Bachelorette steamy under her collar and he failed miserably to recognize her overt flirtations, however Brian did steal a kiss at the rose ceremony. Brian received the group date rose, despite intense feelings that emerged between Nick and Dorfman.

Marcus got the second one-on-one date and the two scaled 30-stories down the side of the hotel, in brutal cold and wind, an amazing fete as they both are deathly afraid of heights, Andi more so than Marcus who held it together to support her. In a breathtaking moment, the two shared a kissed on the side of the Mohegan Sun. There wasn’t any doubt he’d receive the date rose, and Marcus admitted he was falling in love with “The Bachelorette.”

Prior to the rose ceremony of episode four, Andi Dorfman received a love letter from a secret admirer. Each man vied for alone time with “The Bachelorette” at the cocktail party and Eric got under her skin for claiming Dorfman had a “poker face.” It was beyond painful to watch as Hill was just being honest and wanted her to be “totally comfortable with him,” especially with the realization that he had died this past April. His feelings didn’t warrant such an outburst.

The emotionally charged Andi returns two Mondays from tonight with a few undoubtedly frightened bachelors. "The Bachelorette" pack dwindled down to 11 (Tasos was sent home), however the producers didn’t feel the ceremony should have been aired after Eric’s departure. Instead Andi tried to explain her emotions, give a reason for her instability and admitted it wasn’t the optimal way to say goodbye to someone. Let’s hope whomever Dorfman ends up with has great health care coverage. Life’s too short to be hasty with emotions and lose control. “The Bachelorette” proved that. Love and hug often.

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