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'The Bachelorette' hometown dates bring bad news and sorrow

Andi Dorfman was overwhelmed with emotion when she learned of Eric Hill's death on "The Bachelorette."
Andi Dorfman was overwhelmed with emotion when she learned of Eric Hill's death on "The Bachelorette."
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

"The Bachelorette" hometown dates brought sorrow as Andi Dorfman and the remaining four bachelors heard of Eric Hill’s fate on Monday night’s episode. But, that wasn’t the only bad news; “The Bachelorette” broke a fan favorite’s heart.

As Andi Dorfman toured country for the notorious make or break hometown dates, “The Bachelorette” learned of former contestant Eric Hill’s tragic death. The news was difficult to take for Dorfman who released a tirade on the world adventurer at their last meeting. Andi and Eric’s final exchange was painful to watch, especially for viewers that were aware of his untimely demise this past April. Eric’s death made it that much more challenging for Andi to say goodbye to Marcus, the fan favorite that was teased he could be the last man standing on "The Bachelorette" Facebook page.

Andi Dorfman first traveled to visit with Nick, his scarves and his huge family in Waukesha, Wisconsin. The software sales executive has been “The Bachelorette’s” clear choice from early on, although his tactics don’t sit well with the other bachelors or fans. Nick doesn’t see Andi as “The Bachelorette” any longer, but as his girlfriend. However, he was the only one of the last four not to say those three important words.

Chis, the farmer from Arlington, Iowa did confess his love for Andi, not in a love letter, but on an airplane sign that said, “Chris loves Andi.” in what could have been a scene out of “Field of Dreams.” The city girl was taken with farm living, but “if you build it” it is highly unlikely “The Bachelorette” would relocate to a “Green Acres” setting. Although, according to Wetpaint Andi Dorfman doesn’t plan on returning to law.

Josh, the former pro ball player introduced “The Bachelorette” to his family in Tampa, and then Andi Dorfman travelled to Dallas, Texas where Marcus the sports medicine manager performed a little striptease for his love. Marcus poured his heart out, something his mother stated was unusual for her son, but it wasn’t enough. He will not head to the infamous overnight dates where Dorfman told off Juan Pablo Galavis on “The Bachelor.”

The bachelors and Andi were summoned to Chris Harrison’s home in Los Angeles to learn the Eric Hill news in front of the cameras. It was a questionable move by ABC to gain ratings as a family mourns the tragic death of a loved one, and horrible to witness as “The Bachelorette” realized that was a terrible way to have “a last conversation” with someone. But as it was part of the rose ceremony, it was a necessary to understand Andi’s emotion, which overwhelmed her, especially with her decision-making as she said goodbye to Marcus.

Andi Dorfman narrows down the playing field amongst Chris, Nick and Josh next Monday evening to two, when “The Bachelorette” returns to ABC with the fantasy suite dates. Who will propose? All bets are on Nick.

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