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'The Bachelorette': Desiree Hartsock misses Chris Siegfried during trip

Desiree misses her man during NYC trip.
Desiree misses her man during NYC trip.
Desiree Hartsock Instagram

Desiree Hartsock from "The Bachelorette" is still busy in New York City, but she decided to send her future husband a quick message via Twitter. She definitely wanted to let Chris Siegfried know that she was thinking about him, and she didn't hide it from her followers. On April 13, Desiree went to her Twitter to say that she 'missing this handsome man.' With the tweet, she shared a photo of her and Chris together. That made it clear that she was thinking about Chris during her trip to New York City.

Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried are used to spending time apart by now. Their work takes them away from each other often. Chris did not sit at home alone in Seattle this weekend. He didn't head off to New York City to join Desiree on her trip either obviously. He did take a trip of his own this weekend though, and he shared about that trip on his Twitter.

Where did Chris go over the weekend? He went on trip to Boise. While there, he spoke to the Bishop Kelly Baseball team. He shared some of his stories and his thoughts with the young baseball team. Chris has played baseball professionally. He was with the Chicago Cubs briefly, but he is now focusing in on his real estate career. He did tweet that he enjoyed his time in the city, and he wished the high school team luck with their season. Chris' visit even brought the team's official twitter account back to life.

It is not clear how long Desiree and Chris will be apart from each other. Desiree is in New York City to attend New York Bridal Week, and she expressed her excitement over being there on her Twitter. She is also ready to debut her own line of dresses at the event too. Will Chris now join Desiree in New York? Or will he head back home to Seattle? Fans will need to keep an eye on his Twitter account to find out where he pops up next.